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$1 /mo
Adblock Guilt
Everyone hates ads. I do too. AdBlock is a great plugin to stop those pesky ads from showing, but this has the nasty side effect that you won't be supporting your ...

$3 /mo
Patron Server!
You will be whitelisted on the Patron server that will be set up at the 50 dollar goal!

  • Adblock Guilt

$5 /mo

For this level, I will make you a personal small build with a sign with your name on it in my building series / whatever series you would like! This could be an objec...

$10 /mo
3D Renders!

I will make you a 3D render of your minecraft character and place it in a scene. This can be any scene you like, just a regular minecraft world, or perhaps you c...

$30 /mo

The render you can receive from the 10 dollar milesone will be printed out for you on a postcard and sent to your house! I will write a thank you on it and anythin...