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So I'm very grateful for any contribution, so you will be able to read all the posts I put on here, including first looks at new fiction-y stuff! 

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About Ruby Martin


So you may know me from many things:
1. My arts and crafts comedy night Comical where we create a fun space for artists and alternative comedians to try and sell stuff
2. my anti-lifestyle magazine trashfire where we are giving honest, funny and hopefully helpful takes
3. My podcast where me and Emma Moran review terrible fanfiction
4. My standup which veers from real-life manic pixie dream girl to straight up undead and everywhere inbetween
3. Silly drawings, poems, stories or tweets I do on the internet for Succubus, Indie Comedy Mag or my legions of followers

Now I love sharing this stuff with you guys, however it turns out making stuff costs money, especially when you live in London in a £500pm shoebox. Whilst I am trying my best to not only create fun stuff but elevate the work of others and help other artists where I can, If I'm honest, I'm pretty stressed a lot of the time. In light of this, I made this Patreon in case you liked any of the stuff listed above that I made and fancied supporting it so I can keep making more and at least financially justifying my burnout. Thanks for your time, support and hopefully your money.


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