The Rude Pundit is creating blog posts, podcasts, videos

Sweet! Have some content!

$1 /mo
The buck-a-month crowd will get a once-a-month extra dose of rudeness that won't be available on the blog. It might be more politics, it might be fun shit that I'm into, or it might be some cr...

Hell, yeah. Have even more content

$3 /mo
You get a weekly bonus post (which includes the monthly one mentioned above). Crazy, huh? How much rudeness can you handle?

Damn. You get the sound of my voice

$5 /mo
You'll get the weekly bonus posts and first access to the podcasts and videos when that starts up.

Umm, wow, what can I give you?

$10 /mo
You get all the other shit and, hmm, about tickets or reserved seats to any Rude Pundit events? Drinks when I'm in your town? Eternal gratitude? 

I think going down on you for money is illegal most places

$100 /mo
So, instead, you'll get everything listed above plus listing in the credits of the podcast and videos. You're a goddamn patron of the rude arts now!