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Adventurer's Guild

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  • Daily Homebrew!
  • Monster Tokens
  • Access to Layered Art, and non-Watermarked illustrations all in high-res all beautiful
  • Rudok's Workshop, every Thursday on our discord, help with balancing and creation of your own homebrew ideas.
  • Rudok's Archives: All of our homebrew, (over 200 Items and Monsters)
  • Anthology collection of all our stories and lore
  • Right to vote on exclusive polls
  • Our gratitude
Includes Discord benefits

Hoarder's Syndicate

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  • All previous Tier Rewards
  • Inventory [Beautiful PDF Compendium of all our Items]
  • Homebrewery Discord channel for your own homebrew ideas and suggestions
  • Item List of all items to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Printable Item Cards, that serve as a great hand-out for your players 
  • Big pile of our gratitude 

Includes Discord benefits
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Hunter's Lodge

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  • All previous Rewards
  • Monster Cards printable reference cards
  • Bestiary [PDF Compendium of all our monsters]
  • Monster loot [Possible loot based on percentual chance]
  • Monster List of all monsters to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Hoard of gratitude

Includes Discord benefits




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