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About Ruel's Running Podcast

Hi friends,

Late 2014, I did something crazy: I started podcasting. While I started thinking about what direction I wanted to take it, I figured I'd discover that along the way. First I needed a name for the thing. I had already tinkered with a blog titled Ru El's Running, so to avoid getting stuck with a unique and cool name, I went with what I was already running (pun intended).

What is it?
For those who aren't familiar with it, Ruel's Running Podcast is both a product and a journey. It is a result of these key inspirations:
  • Podcasts
  • Running
  • Health
  • NSNG lifestyle
  • Family
  • Play
Basically podcasts brought me back to running, which brought me to the NSNG Lifestyle, which brought me to health, which keeps me around for my family, which keeps me excited to share on the podcast in a style I feel is fun as I can make it. Like play.

I’m not an expert or doctor. I do offer a perspective about my journey to folks who are also on their own journey and interested in learning from others experiences. I’m a product of the same cycle. I learned and continue to learn from others who have shared on their podcasts.

I’m trying to get creative as far as ways to help improve the podcast. If you’re a long time listener, I love you for it. When you take your time to be a part of this experience it means a lot. My original hope with this podcast is to somehow give back to the platform of podcasting because it has given me something as a listener and subscriber of any other shows. It has given me a platform for my own voice where I can share my own perspective on things I encounter and live through. It is my hope to give that to someone else out there. To help, serve, entertain, get a chuckle, maybe a raised eyebrow. Something. I want to be able to keep this show going strong, and to get it as good as it can get. I’m passionate about everything that has to do around this silly show. The relationships, the impact, the community. I’m not a fool though. You guys make this possible. Listeners, experts, athletes, friends. You make this show happen and I want to make it as good as it can possibly be. One of the ways to make it better is by improving sound quality. So I’d like to look into that. Another way is by constantly trying to evolve to improve the format, quality of content, and delivery. I can come up with most of it on my own, but it’ll take time. But if your a fan of the show and wondering, well Ru El, is there anything I can do to help? Yes there is! It’s taken some time to develop, but I do want make it possible for folks to help, so I’ve set up this Patreon page. It is a place where you can go to see what my goals are for the podcast and what it would take to meet those goals. It is a place you can go to see various option of help you can provide. It is a place to learn what I am willing to give back in exchange for your “patronage”. It is a place we interact as a community. So please check it out.

You should pledge because:
  • You LOVE the silly show and can't get enough of it,
  • You realize that I have a family of 6 to support and an insanely healthy COFFEE appetite,
  • You really want to see me continue to offer Ruel's Running Podcast because it reminds you how better off you are in the world than its weirdo host,
  • You want me to attend races that may or may not be financially feasible without your help so that I run myself to the ground and live to tell the story, and
  • You want me help me create Ruel's Running Podcast virtual run(s) or event one day so you can partake of your own version of the activity. 
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  • me to raise my cup of coffee to your health with my undying appreciation.
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  • a virtual fist bump,
  • a raising of my cup of coffee to your health with my undying appreciation,
  • a shout-out on one podcast episode.
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Completing this goal gets the current monthly costs for the podcast and supporting services generally covered, excluding manual labor and generating creative juices. Nonetheless your help meeting this goal definitely helps free up some resources that can go towards a little piece of new recording equipment. New equipment will be used to improve sound or production quality of the podcast.
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