is creating 'Hunt and Snare', an adult furry hunting game (18+)

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Patreon r5.24.3 build

  • Two races (felines and canines) to hunt and play with.
  • 19 unique and interesting characters to meet, of which 7 you can have sex with.
  • 87 erotic animations for you to enjoy with your crew.
  • Auto-saving, and manual saves, and your favorite captures recruited to crew and saved <3
  • A brand new and beautiful city for you to explore.
  • Big graphic overhaul of vegetation, water and game graphic quality.
  • Lots of performance improvements and bugfixes with an indepth options menu to customize your experience.
  • With more species and characters coming!
  • Reworked controller and shooting mechanics
  • Large sound pass replacing pretty much all sounds in game and adding new ones
  • Actual soundtrack for night/day exploration, and ship music
  • Proper ambient sounds in the world
  • Inventory system and looting (piercings and some hats first!), and equipping of crew members
  • New quest and act with a new major NPC, 2 major Crew Members, and 6 other NPCs to meet
  • Access to ship main deck for some safe and permanent item storage

Public Demo

NOTE: Hunt and Snare is 100% uncensored as a game and only the preview material have censorship.

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Available on Steam Early Access

Ruffleneck's Hunt and Snare

Hunt and Snare is a Furry Third Person Shooter with a strong focus on sexual themes and character interaction. Travel between islands on a ship with your trusted ship crew, hunt rare species with a tranquilizer rifle or capture with bare paws,and sell to the highest bidder after rigorous sampling of the prey. Will your crew grow to love you as an equal ship commander, or will they idolize you as a renowned hunter?

  • Hunt for rare and unique species of all genders and races: Using your trusty tranquilizer long rifle, or go feral and capture with your bare paws!
  • Fully customize your character: Select from general body shape, including species, breasts, genitalia, and tail, down to the color and pattern of your skin and pupil style.
  • Opinion based conversation system: Gain favors by interacting with other characters frequently. Be loved, be hated, be admired, or be feared!
  • Sexplore a juicy selection of fetishes and gender combinations: From straight to queer, and from Classic, Anal, Blowjob, Pawjob, Pawing, Submissive/Domination, Toys, to Solo.
  • Fully filterable acts and prey: Customize your selection by enabling or disabling any type of act in the game as well as disabling specific types of prey.
  • Fully animated: Hundreds of animations, with motion captured movement, "physics-based dynamic bones" in breasts, penises, ears, and tails, and animated lips, vagina, and anus. 
  • Showroom: Select from a large selection of various positions you have discovered or play out full acts in various locations and environments.

Features Under Development

  • World of Skiir: Discover and hunt on Skiia, the northern island named after the sibling of the great god-dragon Skiir, visit the magnificent island state of Harakeen, the jewel of Skiir, explore the wild and dangerous wilds of Kizan.
  • Customizable tranquilizer long rifle: Personalize and upgrade your rifle to no only hunt more difficult prey, but to do it in style.
  • Sailing and ship customization: Customize and decorate your own ship and sail freely with no artificial barriers or level gates, between islands in search for better hunting grounds. Unlock new rooms for your ship with money for new encounters and other features.
  • Trading and inventory: Sell prey for money and then purchase new accessories, clothes, and other customization pieces, or explore, and discover unique hidden items
  • More unique species: In addition to the fairly tame catkin of Faelain, the loyal dogkin of Davh, the wild and dangerous dragonkin of Kizan, and the cute and cuddly foxkin of Ful are still in development each with their own different skin styles and color combinations.

Rewards and Tiers 

All tiers have access to developer posts, ability to vote on Patron only polls, and a corresponding Discord role, in addition to various basic benefits: 
  • Silver Cohort: Above rewards, and name in Guild of Wild Hunters' guestbook (Will be added later on and will be located on the guild hall bar counter).
  • Gold Cohort: Above rewards, and name placard in Guild of Wild Hunters' Wall of Fame (A specific wall with decorated gold placards. Each Gold Cohort has their own placard).
  • Emerald Cohort: Above rewards. An extra supporter tier. Show your ultimate appreciation of our work <3

Note: To have your name added to Guild of Wild Hunters' guestbook, or Wall of Fame you must send us a message on Patreon or Discord and give us exact name you wish to be added with!


(Click timeline for a bigger image)

You can see the more indepth information about the current development focus on our public Trello board:

About us

Core Team

Ruffleneck - Programming / Art / Design - FA/Twitter - That's me! I have 9 years of professional experience as artist, designer, and gameplay programmer. Late 2016 I started working on the Hunt and Snare prototype and hanging around in the adult game developer community. Oh boy! I enjoy it a lot more than the "normal" game developer community. Hunt and Snare is my little baby dragon and I hope you enjoy it too! <3

Hareress - Animation / Skin Designer / Map Builder - FA/Twitter - Hareress is a 2D artist, also my little bunny and my owner, who is sharing the content workload with me. Their primary focus is on animations, skin designing, and map building.

Drathek - Programming - Twitter - Drathek is a blazingly awesome red and black dragon who does a fantastic job easing my burdens by handling majority of the programming tasks. Drathek is effectively the lead programmer of Hunt and Snare, or senior, or greater dragon programmer, not sure what describes their role the best :3


Kadisurmik - Writing - FA - Kadi is our writing who joined 2019ish (I think it was!) and has been churning out all kinds of awesome characters you've met and grown to love <3

Onfe - Gui Artist - Twitter - Onfe is responsible for all the pretty gui icons we have in inventory and for the character equipment screens <3

The Final Words

Whether or not you decide to support us and Hunt and Snare, thank you very much for your attention. I hope you still enjoy the splendor of the public build! If you chose to support us, wow! That's the biggest vote of confidence one can give!

Thank you so very much! ^^

Note: Minimum requirements:

64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Quadcore, 2.8Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 1060 or AMD equivalent with  Shader Model 4.6 (DirectX10.1 or OpenGL 4.1
Storage: 5 GB available space
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I'm out of funny quotes from my favorite game! New Ship Specializations feature unlocked! You will be able to tweak and specialize your ship to function as a Brothel or a Casino. Park your ship in local ports to attract customers to your funboat!
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