is creating 'Hunt and Snare', an NSFW furry adventure game (18+)

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About Ruffleneck

Patreon r5.26

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Hunt and Snare is a fully uncensored and animated open world third person adventure game focusing on adventuring, meeting new characters and having free and casual sex with them <3

You are a licensed member in the Guild of Wild Hunters, an organization whose duty is to find wild anthro cats, dogs, and lizards in the wilderness, cure them using specially built cure darts, and return them back to civilization.

Mini gallery (click for bigger!):

  • Three fully playable and highly customizable species; Faelain (cat), and Davh (dog), and Kizan (lizard/dragon), and more on the horizon.
  • Many NPCs to meet, sex with, and do quests for, in the game's first island Skiia.
  • Hunting wild anthros that wander around in the wilderness and react if they spot or hear you.
  • Fully animated 3D sex acts ranging from written multiphase acts with NPCs to smaller random acts with crew members.
  • RPG-like inventory system with equippable items like piercings and accessories.

Upcoming features:
  • Sailing and sea exploration along with multiple islands to visit and hunt in.
  • More species for player to meet; Total of 6+ major species with multiple subspecies each are planned.
  • More islands for player to explore; Total of 5+ major islands and multiple minor islands are planned.
  • Combat with hostile pirates and brigands on the seas and on land.
  • Random events and encounters.


Click Timeline for bigger image.

Core team:
Ruffleneck - Designer / 3D Artist -  FA/Twitter
Hareress - Animator -  FA/Twitter
Drathek - Programmer -  Twitter

Onfe - 2D Artist / Level Designer -  Twitter
Kadisurmik - Writer - FA
Lint Jones - Level Designer -  FA
Huskywolfeh - Programmer -  Twitter

Minimum requirements:
64-bit processor and operating system
Processor: Quadcore, 2.8Ghz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia 1060 or AMD equivalent with SM 4.6 (DirectX10.1 or OpenGL 4.1)
Storage: 5 GB available space
84% complete
I'm out of funny quotes from my favorite game! New Ship Specializations feature unlocked! You will be able to tweak and specialize your ship to function as a Brothel or a Casino. Park your ship in local ports to attract customers to your funboat!
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