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    Hey guys. 

    Luke here. Better known as "Ruku", also known to one particular internet troll as "that unfunny, neck-bearded cunt".

    My body of work has been vast and a hot damn mess over the years, but here's what you need to know:

    You can find my works on YouTube, and Flickr

    All my filmmaking stuff is also available on YouTube over at Compound Fiasco Productions

    I had a podcast at one point, available over at Ruku and m* Explains on YouTube

    My current project is a 4-piece punk band called "The Limited", which -of course- also has a YouTube channel

    Oh yeah, and that webcomic I did that one time...

    For the longest time, I had a public blog hosted on my website. Titled 'Don't Eat the Felafel, the blog was mostly sub-par Cracked article-type deals and angry ranting about politics. It was my little space on the internet that maybe three people read.

    In September of 2020 after a lengthy, updateless break, I redesigned 'Don't Eat the Felafel' to be more of a general topic ezine, complete with multiple authors and topics. Think 'The Pedestrian' or 'Buzzfeed' with more dick jokes and less advertizing budget.

    Now, multiple authors means paying people, and paying people costs money, alongside hosting/domain fees and the like. not a huge amount, and I have a pretty sweet deal on hosting, but it's still an expense, especially if we are to expand like I want to within the years to come.

    Wait, so what does my hard-earned and/or ill-gotten funds pay for?!

    First and foremost, it will go to my writing team. They took a punt on some idiot with an outrageous sense of self-importance and a website, they deserve a quid or two at least.

    Secondly, it'll keep the website up and running. Shit costs money, yo'.

    Hopefully, it will also allow us to expand to video content, or podcasting, or what have you. But that's reliant on time and inclination.

    Thats about it basically. If you check out the side, like what we do, and would like to support us, here's the place you can do it!

    "would like to" being the key phrase, here. We're not Murdoch press. Nothing on the blog is paywalled or hidden away so only a select few can see it. Don't Eat the Felafel will always be free. But hey, if you can chip in a couple of quid, awesome!

    If you've read this far, Go you! I appreciate that much. I really do.
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