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is creating a cute old school web-based RPG and related bobbins
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About Phil Cooper

Hello. I'm Phil. You might know me as @rumorsmatrix

BONES of the LOST GOD started out as a old school play-by-mail game and zine, and now I'm turning it into a free-to-play web based RPG. It's based on classic D&D retroclones and the lo-fi computer RPGs of the eighties and early nineties; if you like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Might and Magic, Legend of the Red Dragon or text-based adventures like Zork and MUDs, I hope you'll find something to love here. It's not exactly multiplayer, but it is social.

BotLG is set in and around the city of Rooksfoot, a thriving and villainous city built on the giant semi-submerged bones of a cruel god's avatar. Generations ago, this giant stalked the land bringing chaos and corruption, until eventually the great heroes of the day managed to slay him. Now his colossal rib cage forms the outline of a brutal, magic-infused arena, which brings adventurers and gamblers from far and wide to spill blood and coin.

I'm documenting the whole process here on the blog, but here's a flavour of what you can expect when the game opens:

  • Classless, party-based RPG with an old-school flavour
  • City, wilderness and dungeon locations to explore via a cute pixel art map and text descriptions
  • Gathering, processing and crafting items
  • A cute pixel art style, and lots of text
  • Permadeath, but with persistent party-based progress
  • A podcast? Behind the scenes development Twitch streams? I don't know, maybe!

Until recently, I worked as a web developer for an e-commerce company. I quit that job to work on this passion project of mine full-time; so I have the skills and the time to devote to building this world. Your support will help keep me afloat, and I'll be adding and tweaking the pledge tiers as the game grows and progresses; I intend this to be a constantly growing and evolving project. One of the benefits of becoming a Patreon will definitely be early access once I'm ready.

If you've got any questions, or just want to say hello, find me on twitter.
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