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About Run Button

Hi, I'm Keith J Carberry. My cousin Kylie Churchill and I have been talking about and playing games on the internet since 2009. We have almost one thousand videos, undertaking such tasks as: playing all the Sonic games, playing all the Mario games, dragging ourselves through the Silent Hill series, and more. Our goal is to continue making funny, interesting and well produced videos. And to be your buds. If you're cool.

We want to expand the type of content we release (IE Let's Watch, the Run Button Podcast, How Are You Today?, etc), we want to go to more events, do live shows, we should probably have a website, etc. As the Patreon grows it will allow us to grow with it, and provide us with opportunities to try interesting new things.

If you have the means, and if you've watched and liked our show, or benefited from our hundreds of hours of games and jokes, we ask that you consider pledging to ensure not only continued content, but increased quality and quantity. We will also continue to work (with the help of our patrons) to come up with fun and different rewards accessible to Patrons. We'd like your help, and we want it to be worthwhile.

Your generosity has afforded us the opportunity to keep doing this thing we love, and more than anything we want to take Run Button to a place where it can be our full-time job.
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Welcome back to the Nightmare Barn. Long-time viewers will remember that re recorded a chunk of earlier Silent Hill episodes from a creepy old barn on my grandfathers property. For various reasons, its not feasible to do shows from there anymore but at this level we promise to go back and play some spooky games, maybe even Silent Hill. If we're brave enough,we might even go deeper into the barn than we've ever dared to go...
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