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very low interest microcredit to poorer farmers in Nigeria

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About Rural Farmers Hub

We are a private ag advisory service provider helping smallholder farmers to make better farming decisions.

We've seen that this advise help them increase their crop yield quality leading to increase in their household income. In other to generate these advises in a way that we will not incur proportionate cost as number of farmers advised increases, we rely on a software we developed that combines satellite indices from remote sensing and a decision tree to automate the generation of this advise; then deliver them as SMS directly to the farmers mobile phone (no internet required).

This is very cool right? But some of the advise require the smallholder farmer to have some disposable income to purchase some of the required farm inputs (such as organic fertilizer, improved seed variety, hire tractor for some mechanisation of farm work, etc). Some farmers can afford this; however, in our experience advising over 3000 farmers so far, majority have to choose between spending adequately on farm input or taking care of family needs (like child school fees, medical expense, etc).

We did the math...

...and concluded that a micro-credit of Two Hundred and Forty Dollars (US $240) combined with our advisory service can help lift millions of farming households out of poverty in just 1 year; this money is enough for them to buy farm input enough to cultivate 1 hectare of farm (note: fertilizer application must be via micro-dosing). This micro-credit will generate a little over $1000 in direct income to the farmer and their household.

To put this impact into perspective, agriculture (especially farming) is the largest employer of labour in rural areas in Nigeria but poverty is also highest in the villages. We can turn this around with your help. We are passionate about ending rural poverty in Nigeria by helping farmers produce healthy food and raise their income floor. This micro-credit will be low single-digit interest and participating farmers will be required to return the money back so other farmers will benefit from as well. Disbursement will be done annually before April (start of raining season) and in August (before rainfall resume after 'August Break' which mark the second cycle of a farming season).

Become a Patreon and help lift some one our of poverty, one household at a time. Consider your donation as a form of economic floor (or Universal Basic Income, UBI).

Thank you as you donate.

$0 of $240 per month
1 farmer is selected and interviewed to receive $240 in farm inputs and some cash. Farm inputs include:
  • Organic fertilizer
  • Enhanced seed variety
  • Agro-chemical (herbicide, pesticides)
  • Tractor rental (harrow, plough, etc)
  • Extension service
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