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About Rush_Freak

Hi, I exist.

I've been creating Machinimas and animations for over 5 years, and I've diligently studied and practiced many areas of computer graphics work for over 8 years. I live to make videos and game content, and would love even more to do so professionally. I also have a mental incapability to not put a ludicrous amount of effort into things.

Until now I haven't been able to make any kind of justifiable returns (approximately $0.30 per day) on the weeks to months of effort I pour into single videos, retaining the best quality I can for you. However, YouTube's monetization doesn't support people that make infrequent high-quality videos, it supports lots of lazy ones. I refuse to stoop to that, you guys deserve better.

Additionally, since I've been making models, filmsets and other game assets lately that can often take about as much work as a video can by themselves, your donations would go towards those, too. I'll be sharing almost everything I make openly for the benefeit of the GMod and SFM community, donator or not.

It's completely unrealistic to continue my work for you guys as a hobby; This is why I'm asking for some help from those of you lucky enough to have disposable income. I'm often on the verge of losing my residence, let alone food and an internet connection.

What your donations will go towards:
  • Being able to afford continued education and standing a chance at working in the media industry
  • Having more than one meal per day and other stuff that people need to not die
  • More professional software to aid in content creation
  • Getting out of this slump so I can work on more content for you!

No, this doesn't mean my content will go behind a paywall. Anyone can still enjoy it, I'm not a money-grubbing jerk. Instead, people that want to support me will have access to extra interesting stuff that I wouldn't normally be sharing, like:
  • Frequent progress updates for my work
  • Sneak-peeks and behind-the-scenes, showing the 90% of the work that people never see
  • Early screenings of my work and opportunities to help in the development process

Anyone that donates will only be charged on a per-video/per-asset basis, and given that I work in Valve-time, you won't be noticing much of a difference in your wallet. Additionally, donations for videos will only go through if said video meets the following "effort" requirements:
  • Must take at least a week to create (as if I can make anything that quickly)
  • Must be at least 30 seconds long, depending on the amount of content
  • Cannot be a pure gameplay video
  • No more than two charged "effort" videos per month

Lastly, please only dontate if you have extra/disposable income, the last thing I want is for more people to be struggling with money. There are always other ways to support my work if you want.
$7 of $64 per Video/Game Asset
Help me find out if this is actually the way forward.
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