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Let's make some awesome comics together! With your patronage I'll be able to focus more or perhaps even all of my time and creative energy on my comics and cool art projects. While being a patron of mine will get you early access to many of my creations, including comic pages, much of my art and comics will remain free online. However being a patron means your feedback and opinions are very important to me. I'll always be open to your thoughts and suggestions in regards to my art, stories and anything related to them. When I send a completed comic to print I'll have you to thank for that and you'll know it's existence is in large part thanks to you. :) 

My current comic is A Witching Tale; Lucy and her pet ferret, Domino, move in with her grandma in a strange new town. Little does she know that mystery and excitement awaits her around every turn. But the journey she is about to embark on is not without dangers. Did somebody say ghost? Spoopy.

Once A Witching Tale concludes I have a sci-fi comic planned which I've yet to name. In this comic we'll explore alien worlds, unravel long forgot mysteries, contend with the vast loneliness of space and if we're, I'd better not say to much just yet. ;D 
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I’ve been using a wooden kitchen table chair. It’s comfortable enough for me but it will be pretty dang cool to have a nice computer chair to work out of when we reach this goal.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts

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