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The FBI, CIA, NSA, the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Federal Reserve, police departments, governors offices ... they all produce documents about the things they do that affect us. They don't want us to see a lot of these documents. But I do. That's why I created AltGov2 and its predecessor, The Memory Hole 2.

To see specific highlights of what I've accomplished, take a look here:

My work has been featured on the front page of the New York Times (twice), The Rachel Maddow Show (twice), Good Morning America, CBS Evening News, Los Angeles Times, Time, Politico, Motherboard, Quartz, Gizmodo, Daily Beast, ProPublica, David Cay Johnston’s DCReport, and elsewhere. The National Archives has changed the way it handles document-destruction requests from federal agencies because of my efforts.

This is all extremely gratifying, of course, but it doesn't pay the bills. So I need everyone's assistance. Every patron helps. Even the $1 level is crucial. If just 10% of my Twitter followers became $1 patrons, my life would drastically change.


I request government documents through the Freedom of Information Act and related laws, then post them. I've filed thousands of requests since 2002, and at any given moment hundreds of my requests are in the works across Washington DC and the entire US.

Sometimes government agencies post documents online, then delete them days, months, or years later. I recover them and repost them.
Sometimes they post documents in obscure places (essentially burying them). I find them and prominently post them.

Some important documents still exist only on paper. I scan and post them.

I scour the Web, looking for official documents that probably weren't meant to be posted online in the first place. Then I give them a safe new home.

Sometimes I do these things for revealing documents from corporations (tobacco, pharmaceutical, oil, etc.), or for non-US documents.

Besides text documents, I post audio files, photographs, and videos. Sometimes spreadsheets and databases.

And there's so much more to come. But I need your support for AltGov2 to survive and thrive. The site is completely open, free, and ad-free. I depend on donations to run it and keep the authorities on their toes. Please make an ongoing donation today.

Regular fixed expenses include webhosting, domain names, a PO box, subscriptions to media websites, and subscriptions to software (like the indispensable Acrobat Pro DC). Regular varying costs include FOIA fees ($100+ is not unusual), Pacer fees (for court documents), and photocopying fees charged by libraries in other states.

Most important, though, I need to earn some income for the vast amount of time and energy I devote to my FOIA/transparency work. In the earliest days of the original Memory Hole website, I earned enough through book royalties to run the site as a hobby. Those days are long gone. I want to make AltGov2 and associated activities my primary occupation as far as effort and income. For the effort part to fully happen, I need your help making the income part happen.

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