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With two singles officially out, “LOVE” and “Replay” - Rvkah is getting ready for the upcoming release of her debut EP - the LOVE EP. This was a very raw, authentic, and vulnerable EP and I believe it matches so perfectly with the idea of love. You need to be vulnerable to fall in love, and be your true authentic self in a relationship, and while there WILL be ups and downs - true love should never be given up on. ⠀⠀
...just like my love for the creation of this EP. The six songs on my EP represent just that. Love in all its forms. Every song represents a different stage of a relationship. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes things are great and sometimes shit sucks. This EP will get you through, because DAMN I know I’ve been through the ringer.

*If you would like to donate and help me on this journey, I will add a special thanks to you specifically on my official website, as well as share as a story on my Instagram. All funds that are raised will go towards marketing, production, and recording expenses. As an independent musician, it takes a lot of financial sacrifice in order to do what I know I am supposed to be doing in this world. With enough capital, I can make new songs for you to jam to, or maybe you just want buy me a cup of coffee :)
You can do a one-time donation, or make a monthly membership and YOU decide the price.
Either way, anything and everything is appreciated. Thank you!


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