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Who Am I?

Hi my name is Ryan Henly and I've been blogging about social issues and politics since December 2015. I run I Am Ryan Henly - a website along with an accompanying Facebook page where I share my analysis on news and current events daily.

What I Do

I think its as important as ever to speak uncensored in this political climate, which is what I aim to do. Rather than a strictly left or right wing analysis one that relies on basic logic and reason rather than political ideology.

Why You Should Support Me

I attend to comments and queries, write blog posts and manage hundreds of followers daily. It's not easy but I do it because I enjoy getting my message out there. 

However not only does this cost my time but also my money. If you follow my work and appreciate the content I produce daily this is a way to give back and support me as I grow as a creator. This will go towards running costs.

You'll receive exclusive content, see blogs before anyone else, get behind the scenes commentary and analysis as well as other goodies from time to time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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