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My name is Ryan Poser. I'm an Artist Illustrator and Drawer working in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. I've been making art since I can remember, I've always had a passion for visual story telling. I attended York University for Visual art from 2008-2012 and Seneca College for 3D Game Art and Animation for a year.

As of late, I've been focusing on creating a comic series going by ".01". The series follows a sleepy duck, a mischievous rabbit and a lone wolf in their journeys through friendship, suburbia and melancholy. Its still early days, but so far I'm having a blast working on a comic (something I've been saying I would start for years...). Your support goes towards expanding the resources I can expend on this and many other art projects. Supplies (digital and traditional), a Studio (one day), learning and advancing my techniques, surviving as an artist, keeping the lights on, etc... etc... And eventually I will send prints or sticker packs or limited edition comics out to supporters.

Ryan Poser Art Website - Art Journal Entries, .01 pages, Traditional and Digital work. 

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