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Hey you! 

Thanks for finding me over here on Patreon. In my professional life I am a College tutor in video games development and have been teaching the subject now for over 8 years. In my spare time from teaching (as if there is any) I also develop and self-publish my own games, these are typically small but fun to make nonetheless. I teach all aspects of games development such as coding, modelling, animation and game design theory. Right now I am focused on making coding tutorials in Unreal Engine 4 as that is my area that I am particularly situated in.

Why a Patreon?
This is somewhat of an experiment for me. I recently begun to share my teachings in games development online to everyone on Youtube and is something I am keen to continue and grow. Patreon would allow me to get funding to produce better and more videos and other online content. It will also allow me to fund some of the development costs of my own published games.

How can you support me?
Even a small donation of $1 would help me to continue producing content and increase its quality. There are a variety of rewards for different donations but everyone who donates will get access to my Patreon feed and be notified of new content.

What kind of rewards?
All contributors will have access to my Patreon feed and be notified of future content as it releases. Beyond that, you will also have the opportunity to shape what content is made; i.e. if you want me to do a video guide on something in particular. You will also gain access to any private betas/alphas of any games I am currently making. Having trouble with a project you are working on, I can take a private look at it and try and help you solve your problem. In the future the rewards will change and vary based on what I have planned so keep an eye on what's on offer.

Thank you for your support; this is an exciting journey and hopefully I can be funded enough to do this full time in the future and it is great to have you join me for the ride.


410 of 500 patrons
Our new goal of 500 patrons will see the start of a tutorial series on how to create a Real Time Strategy game. This will be in a similar format to our current FPSRPG series. Thank you for all of my supporters, you are all amazing!
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