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I'll send you a Space Baby download! Your 'reward', however, is really the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping someone do what they love to do. Thank you so much.
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Come to a show of mine, you'll get in for free.
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Music lesson. I specialize in guitar, vocal and songwriting- but we can really talk about anything you like. Let's awaken that musical beast lurking inside you.




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About Ryan Maguire

Dearest Reader,

I am an artist- meaning I make things.

Sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small, sometimes they are expensive, sometimes not!

The cool thing about being my Patron is that in this place you'll find expressions of mine not found anywhere else- and a new one posted every full moon! Stories, songs, drawings, paintings...

That is what makes Patreon unique, is that it allows a deeper level of relationship between me and you.

The other cool part of this is you are helping fund my more expensive creations- the one's where I get to incorporate a plethora of talented artists to realize the vision, i.e. visions like Space Baby, or albums.

Why be a Patron? Because when you invest in art and culture you are investing in your own creative self. The side of you that can be constantly put down, but is powerful and very real.

Why be a Patron of Ryan Maguire? Plain and simply, because you like what I do and you want to see me do it again!

So allow me the tools to create! Value the unknown.

$3 of $10,000 per creation
Ethan Smith (of Union Duke) and I have been writing songs that we're both truly excited about- and we want to do this album right, meaning: hire the right sound/mixing/mastering engineers, musicians, and book studio time, ect. We'll also be making music videos, and will need to incorporate the right artists to make our vision come to fruition!
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