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The Librarian

I love reading stories. My parents lit that fire, fanned those flames, drove me to the library when I was a child, and to no one's surprise I became a librarian. I've worked in libraries for nearly 30 years now. One thing librarians love is sharing stories.

The Writer 

I love writing stories. It first dawned on me I might write stories while reading in English class (not the assigned text), ignoring my teacher—sorry Mrs. Coffey! Her lecture penetrated my awareness I saw what she kept talking about right on the page. Annoying and life-changing all at the same time. Isn't that the way it works? Like librarians, writers love sharing stories.


Both things have something in common. Sharing stories. As I navigate the transition from full-time librarian to full-time writer in today's constantly in-flux publishing chaos-space, that is one thing that I know I want to keep doing. And it is where you come in. See, neither librarians writers can share stories if there is no one to share them with.

The Patrons 

Librarians refer to those enjoying the public library as patrons. Writers also need patrons. I can't share stories without you. Literally. There wouldn't be anyone to read the stories. And that would suck. It's a symbiotic relationship. Patrons support writers (and libraries) and get to enjoy stories in return. In today's online environment, Patreon makes it easy for patrons like you to support writers (or librarians) like me.

As a patron on Patreon, you directly support me in sharing stories. Patreon bills monthly for each paid post made during the month—and you control your maximum contribution. 

The Transition 

Why transition from full-time librarian to full-time writer? I love libraries and writing. I went to graduate schools for degrees in both. I can't imagine a future in which I'm not supporting libraries and enjoying what libraries offer. However, as I mentioned, I've worked in libraries for nearly 30 years. When I reach 30 years I become eligible to retire early—if I can afford to retire? That's the big question. If I can transition to a full-time writing career, supplemented by my retirement, that would be ideal. 

What about working in libraries longer? Well, as much as I love libraries, it has been my primary focus for decades. I'd like to spend the next few decades focused on writing. It's also the sad fact that many people today don't support libraries. At least here in Washington State where the law limits increases in the library levy by one percent each year. Unfortunately expenses don't face a similar limit, out-pacing support for the library. It's sad. I'll always be a librarian and support libraries. I want them to succeed and thrive. I'd like to take my grandkids (some day!) to the library.

Short answer: it's time to think about shifting the focus of my work. You can help with that and make sure that I can continue sharing stories.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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