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About Ryan M. Williams

The Transition

Why transition from full-time librarian to full-time writer? I love libraries and writing. I went to graduate schools for degrees in both. I can't imagine a future in which I'm not supporting libraries and enjoying what libraries offer. However, I've worked in libraries for over 30 years. It's time to begin the transition to a full-time writing career. I don't expect it to happen right away. There are big obstacles ahead.
  • Healthcare costs. Healthcare costs rise as we get older. Currently my library pays half our healthcare costs, but that'll change once I retire. We won't meet Medicare eligibility yet. Plus there are dental and vision costs.
  • Paying off home. This is a big one. We're paying down our mortgage—but can't afford to do it any faster. Certainly it won't be paid off before I plan to retire, unless things change. When I make the transition, I need to minimize our monthly expenses as much as possible.
  • Child's education. Right around the time I hope to retire, our child will be old enough to head off to college with all of the associated costs.
I want to retire when my health remains mostly good and focus on my writing career. That means I won't be eligible for full retirement. Even if I was, despite a lifelong career working in libraries, it wouldn't provide enough to live on. Healthcare costs alone would consume most of what I would receive. 

What about working in libraries longer? Well, as much as I love libraries, it has been my primary focus for decades. I'd like to spend the next few decades focused on writing. It's also the sad fact that many people today don't support libraries. At least here in Washington State where the law limits increases in the library levy by one percent each year. Unfortunately expenses don't face a similar limit, out-pacing support for the library. It's sad. I'll always be a librarian and support libraries. I want them to succeed and thrive. I'd like to take my grandkids (some day!) to the library. And working longer won't change the challenges we face.

Short answer: it's time to think about shifting my focus to writing full time. 

By supporting me each month on Patreon, you help make that happen and get early access to stories, to novels, and other material. 
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With your help, I'm covering basic expenses for software subscriptions, website hosting, and similar ongoing costs. It's the first step toward being able to write full time—thank you so much!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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