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Thanks for support. I mean who pays for porn nowadays? Not many so thanks for real. I appreciate your support and I appreciate you valuing what I make as worth your time and money. A toilet in the bathrooms will have the game's credits and list you as a backer! Who is now backing up a toilet!


Limited (3 of 10 remaining)
per creation
Well gosh, I'm flattered. Let's get a little scenery line into the game on your behalf. Pick a location and something to briefly describe, probably someone getting consumed but I'm flexible. Each location will randomly play scenery scenes added to them. No visuals but just a little tip of the hat to those supporting me!

Domesticated Predator

Limited (2 of 3 remaining)
per creation

Geeze you really like this thing huh? What do you get? A standard battle girl with you as director. With this option you can choose from one of the girls in my sample pack. Since I already have the rights for these I can offer them at a lower price. 

Message me for a link to the samples or look for my post on the project page.




per creation


First thanks for even clicking to be here. Next...

I love creating. Especially creating vore content. Some of it has paid off more than others in my 12 years in the community.

VVN hasn't paid off in the past so it became hard to dedicate time to it. This is the chance for it to pay off and be continued.

Just like my commissions I have no desire to make my works behind a paywall. I've enjoyed myself very much on what is made available for all. This patreon isn't a mechanic to sell a product. It's a fund to justify and continue development. I'm content to keep making things I can offer to all at the moment.

That said, patreon works better with interesting rewards so there will be some.

Next monthly doesn't make sense for me. I want you to get content for every buck you spend. I only intend to collect on every creation made! When I collect whoever was backing at what level will be locked in and I'll start creating what rewards and content I need to.

Ok time to level though. This patreon is a tad different than most I think. But I also think it can work. It's in your hands to make me work on this thing you seem to like so much. I'm looking forward to being forced to finish this errant child. I've also got other projects with more polish in the future as well and getting this one done on patreon will only spur me on to make better content.

This patreon is a bit different though because I expect people to drop in and out of reward levels. DO NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO STAY IN A REWARD LEVEL FOREVER!

Feel free to get the scenes in the game you'd like to see and leave after that. I'm sort of using patreon as a commission organizer.

That said anyone who can't or doesn't want to go into a higher reward level I'm looking to give you all special rewards as well I'm not sure what that'll be but you are appreciated and I want to reward long time loyalty after something like 5 or 6 releases.

Finally reward prices are subject to change after each collection. Tuned up if I'm inundated with rewards to deliver or downtuned if I change my mind and build a good repository of images. Also a factor in some of them is the cost of pictures to source since I will be going legit in this venture and buying content rights. This costs money and time to find, pay for and then manip. It will also limit my image choices a bit.

And one last thing, thanks for all the support. None of this would have continued as far as I even got without the vocal praise I received, which is a reward in itself.
$200 - reached! per creation
Only my epic length commissions pay out at this level and I'll fast track development to jump in between each story commissions. As in I'll develop the game way more often. I'll also throw in a longer style scenario like the gym teacher or librarian that has choices and skill checks. At this level I'll likely be convinced to continue development well after the story is done.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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