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About Rycon Roleplays

Hey Guys & Gals, my name is Rycon, many of you will already know me and that's why you're here. I run, manage & create everything you see on Rycon Roleplays and I do it alone. It's a lot of work to create the videos I do every week. Each Roleplay video takes an average of two days to produce, record & edit. The below behind the scene's video shows what exactly goes into every one.

I love what I do, creating these videos for you all is my passion but the ebb and flow of revenue on YouTube makes doing that full-time very difficult. Coupled with the fact that Let's Roleplays don't get the same kind of traction as traditional Let's Plays this Patreon is a chance to help me sustain and grow the channel into something amazing! No matter what level you're able to pledge at your support will help me move closer to running Rycon Roleplays full-time & this I believe will help the Roleplaying scene catch alight.


There are eight ranks within The Legion, the collective group of supporters the channel has come to call it's own. Each rank comes with it's own rewards and every level is appreciated just as much as the last. You will be able to wear your rank on The Legions Discord & be able to take part in all the Patron events here on the page.

All content on the channel will forever remain free, there will never be a pay wall to Rycon Roleplays, only a chance to help me produce more quality content. If you believe in what I am doing consider joining the ranks of The Legion your generous donations will have you immortalized in the Recordum Militum (Record of Soldiers) at the end of every video and your funds will allow me to put even more time into creating cinematic, compelling & emotive roleplays.

Thank you for your time & I look forward to hanging out with you!

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Office space for the channel, I'll have a place to work and security thanks not to advertising but rather the wonderful Legion. Your Imperator and all the characters in his head with have a roof above theirs.
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