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Hey there! I'm RYN and I'm a writer in England, United Kingdom. 
Welcome to my Patreon for my writing projects!

My current project is:

GROWING UP IS NEVER EASY, AND GROWING OLDER DOESN'T MAKE IT EASIER. Everyone has a different view of the world based on their own experiences through social relationships and interactions. But how do those interactions shape the world as we know it? And how do they made growing up such the challenge we know ti as today. From judgments of different types of identities, assumptions on previewed relationships, and the perception of sexuality, how do you manage to find someone to call the one, while remaining true to yourself?

I am currently working through the first book in a planned four-book series, with the first one title How To Build The Perfect Boyfriend, telling the tale of Finn Davenport, an 18-year-old college hopefully juggling other people's expectations of him while discovering his own wants and needs. Meet Finn, Lissie, Matthieu, Benjamin, and a host of other characters that help Finn to find the perfect boyfriend. 

By supporting me on Patreon, I can focus my time on writing fun, engaging, and challenging stories for you all to read. With the support you give me, I promise to put it back out into the art and LGBTQIA+ community through commissioning creators to bring characters, scenes, and stories to life. You can sign up for as little as $1 and you can use the custom amount option to pledge more than the tiers at your own discretion. Every little helps and I really appreciate your support! If you don't wish to pledge but still wish to support, please take a look at my ko-fi page.

As a writer, I am limited to what I can offer in the tiers but I want to offer as much as I can to thank you for your support. If you have any ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see while continuing to support me, feel free to send me a message and I will see what I can set up. Future tier ideas include recording the story as an audiobook and goals include offering additional side stories about the characters. As my project grows I will add more content through announcements.

My dream is to be able to self-publish one day and with your backing and encouragement, as I go through this journey, I'll be able to get there! 

Thank you so much for reading.

- Ryn

Note: The amazing artwork was commissioned from MUEPINBLURBERY, and SMNIUS. The characters belong to me. The tier icons were made by KAMIDOG. Please do not use, post or distribute any of the art or writing on this patreon or my linked profiles in any way. 
$1 of $20 per month
Once I reach this goal, it will mean all basic admin running of my domains, servers and accounts will be funded. This will mean I can use these additional funds to do towards commissioning creators! Thank you so much!
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