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hello & welcome!

hi there! i'm faith and i'm an italian media student living in scotland. i love to make all sorts of creative stuff, most notably i love to write, to photograph gigs, to make short films and youtube videos and to talk about things that i find interesting — and hope others do too!

❧ so what's this about?

right now i have a small youtube channel which is the home of the stuff i make, mainly short films and opinion pieces/media analysis — the latter which often fall under the segment staircase wit (a play on the fact that i am always late to experience things, and that i need time to digest a work of media before i can analyse an interesting angle on it). the topics of these videos are usually about something nerdy, like films, comics and video games — but other, more niche topics will pop up as well.

other subjects i want to talk about are writing, photography, and asexuality. in the future i want to get my other passion project off the ground, that is my podcast tabletalk, where my boyfriend and i discuss various topics to do with tabletop rpgs. sometimes i like to film the odd vlog or two, but i always try to approach those differently.

with every video i make, i try to instill some artistic value into it and do something that has both engaging content and visuals. this is something that i will hopefully get better and better at with time. :)

❧ why patreon?

i have debated for a long time, with myself and others, over whether i should open a patreon or not, and after much consideration, i decided to go ahead and make one.

right now i'm in an intensive full-time education course and i'm trying to juggle my free time as best as i can. between attending classes, doing coursework and creating long-term projects (mainly short films and radio content), i don't have a lot of time to network and get my foot in the door of the creative industries. i love making all this stuff, but i'm always feeling the pressure of financial constraints and uncertainty about the future.

that's why i started a patreon: with the possibility of getting something back out of my projects (which right now i'm doing totally for free — even the short films!), some of that pressure is relieved, and i get to reward my patrons with extra content that you will (hopefully!) find helpful & enjoyable.

alright, let's do this!

first of all, thank you so much for considering supporting me! i am still somewhat in the process of figuring out and perfecting my patreon rewards, but some perks you can get right now are sneak peeks of works-in-progress, behind the scenes content and advice/creative process behind any work i've made!

if you'd still like to help but can't commit to being a patron, do not worry! i also have a ko-fi for one-time donations:

whatever amount you decide to pledge, i will be forever grateful and honoured! and even if you may not be able to pledge, rest assured that i am still extremely thankful that you enjoy my content! i want to stress that this is entirely a no-pressure thing, and my videos and short films will always be on the internet for your enjoyment. just sharing my work with someone you think might enjoy it helps a lot, too. your support really means the world to me, in whichever way you decide to show it. ♡
$4.50 of $100 per media analysis
if i reach this goal, i will thank my patrons with a video and they will be able to choose the topic and type of video! you'll get to suggest ideas and vote on which one you like best. a video essay, a humorous video, a Q&A, a video game stream — anything goes (within reason)!
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