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About ryusic.jazz


Hello! I create transcriptions of YouTube videos and other recorded music, and publish them through my YouTube page and Instagram @ryusic.jazz. I started these transcription work to make give a score for my private lesson student. To make a near perfection score I turn audio music into sheet music, purely by ear. One transcription takes many hours to complete; your support is what makes this work possible.

By becoming a patron, you are enabling me to continue transcribing, and supporting my YouTube channel😊

1) Transcriptions 📃As a patron, you will receive the sheet music for each month's transcriptions at the end of the month [technically beginning of next month]. Previous months' transcriptions are available for purchase, and at a discounted rate for patrons. There are also several Patreon-exclusive transcriptions. All of these details can be found here:Guide For New Patrons.

Thank you & welcome to the community!