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I'm sKai, also known as the Dota Doc. I've been playing Dota before it was even an Allstar, when you had to be on the Radiant side to be a Sentinel Hero, or the Dire Side to be a Scourge Hero. The game has changed so much since then to now, but all my experiences have helped develop me into the player I am today. With that being said, I have more than 15 years of experience playing DotA, and will do the best I can to pass along as many of my positive philosophies as I can.

My stream is primarily dedicated to helping players of all skill levels analyze their own actions in a more logical way. I stream content for new players and for players who want to view the game from a more analytic prospect. I try to explain my actions verbally for why I am making any of my decisions for movement, item progression, ward placement, etc... and I implore you to question me or ask why! 

My coaching services are free for everyone, but the people who support me are the backbone of the community I'm trying to build. My community is built on being analytical in our actions, objective in our responses, and always trying to get better by focusing on our individual performance.

Everything you give helps me put back into the stream. I would love to be able to spend more personalized time helping everybody, but I know I can't. Your pledge helps support video content & educational articles being written for the benefit of the full Dota community.

Thanks for being a supporter of my project to make everyone better at Dota, one day at a time.
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If this goal is reached, I will offer a 20 hour broadcast in which I will do as many coaching sessions as I can fit in! All patreon supporters get first priority for participation in the marathon, and it isn't limited to live coaching -- replay analysis works extremely well too!

Selection of participants for the coaching marathon will be weighted based on your patreon support, but everyone will have the potential to get in on the action with numerous giveaways for future coaching sessions to be given out throughout the night!
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