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About Sports & Athletes Network

Empowering Athletes Everywhere!

We are building highly custom platform catered to empowering sports, athletes, referees and coaches everywhere!

Months of development:

Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.

Launch date: February 2, 2020.

Month of February dedicated to bug fixes and polishing up the site.
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You are now part of the beneficiaries of the 10% of the company's profit PLUS...

- early access to our job openings

- full access to behind the scenes process

- shadow and follow development process

- learn how to start your own business and crash course into starting your own tech startup

- learn web development in 6 months and learn the tricks/tips/secrets of the tech industry

- watch live development/programming/planning

- watch our weekly live progress updates

- join our live chatroom to contribute to surveys and help decide the future of the platform/business

To continue EARNING your monthly support during development, we have to prove and show you our progress every month. And in 6 months, we'll have a company that works for, owned by and built with the people!

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