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You clicked! There are so many choices in cyberspace, and you taking a minute or two to scroll through Sabzi Life is a big deal to us, so thanks so much for that.

You are probably a busy person, so we want to make your time with us meaningful. We want to impact your life with ideas and conversations from our years of formal and personal study in relationships and psychology. There is so much "poser science" out there when it comes to human interaction, and we want to show you how the real facts can fit in to your everyday life and actually make your relationships better. Through our podcast, we will take complicated, hoity-toity ideas and make them something you can sink your teeth into!

We have been creating content on YouTube for a while, but we aren’t those people who follow stats and buy ads. We are creators. We don’t want to get bogged down by things that interrupt our message. We found a free space at the public library in our city that allows us to test recording equipment, and we are like two kids on the first day of summer with an ice-cream cone on the beach. Just so damn happy!

As a couple, we have decided that we really want to be able to sustain our creative projects rather than replaying the stops and starts we have had for the last 10 years as we started our family and held traditional jobs. Remember the good old days where creators were supported by the community? (You know, like a couple hundred years ago, where rich dudes would pay talented dudes to paint their portraits?) That’s what Patreon gives us – people who actually love what we do giving us a little pocket-change so we can keep on doing it. And what Patreon gives you is content-creators who have a one-of-a-kind message that you care about supporting.

We want to thank you for joining us on this epic road trip of love, marriage, kids, and the meaning of life, and look forward to serving you, our patron. There may be some random stops along the way, and we’ll probably get caught in a blizzard every so often, but knowing you are tuning in will make us ignore our sleepy eyes and just keep on driving.

So here we go, taking the leap with you through this podcast: uncensored, unscripted, and from the heart. Smile more, worry less!
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Once we have 100 Patrons, we will offer a quarterly, online, interactive meet-up where you get to ask us about topics that are important to you and meet other Patrons who are interested in conscious living.
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