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About Sacha Leyendecker

Hey there, I'm Sacha, a freelance photographer and photography coach, specialized in people and erotic fineart photography as well in coaching photographers to develop their skills. 

Join my photography and coaching channels here on patreon. You can choose from: 

  • Follow me -  If you like my work, joiny this tier and support my art. Unlike Facebook and Instagram I show my pictures uncensored. I also show you my exifs and which camera I used for my pictures. 

  • This is how I do it - Learn from my work. I analyze my pictures for you, show lighting and color compositions, explain setups and camera settings, show how to retouch, how to choose models and locations and much more: This is how I do it.

In all tiers you'll participate in my Bonus Plan. You can collect bonus credits and exchange them into my coaching products like workshops, skype coachings or photo events. You can collect credits for: 

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Follow me - If you like my work, feel free to join this tier and support my art. You'll get:

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This is how I do it
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This is how I do it - Learn all about my work and my pictures in my coaching tier. You'll get: 

  • Picture tutorials
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