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Since this is an open Patreon, all content will be posted publicly no matter how much you donate. 

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About Sachie

Hi there!

I've decided to make this an open patreon, which essentially means I'll be posting videos and progress publicly / without a pay barrier! Think of this as a tip jar!

I now have a full time job which covers most of my costs, but if like my content enough, think of it as buying me a coffee (and fueling my starbucks addiction hehehe.) I also have a ko-fi page in case you just want to do a one-off donation rather than a renewing thing.

FYI I don't update this patreon page anymore, but if you pledge you'll have access to my old posts. 


My youtube videos focus on anime, geeky content, cosplay, and vlogs! I've been fortunate enough to have people follow and support my work, which has presented some incredible opportunities these few years.

All videos are posted for free on my youtube channel. Thank you for considering to help me continue creating and supporting my passion. :D

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I love making cosplay tutorials! I love documenting my progress. However, making a costume, recording, and editing it by myself takes a huge amount of time and effort. If I am able to fund this goal, I'm aiming to make at least 1-2 full in depth cosplay or creative tutorial videos (including costumes, props, makeup, and wig styling) a month, depending on the scale of the project! Patrons will get to vote/decide on my next project :D
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