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About Sacred Journey page of Jaymie Elder and Juerg Dreamturtle -

We invite you to join the Sacred Journey Inner Circle and subscribe to our Patreon Page.

What is the Sacred Journey Patreon Page?

This Sacred Journey Patreon Page covers subjects we consider very important such as our own inner work, healing and growing in love, soul wisdom and understanding, being true to our heart and soul, creating a Sacred Life in harmony with others and Mother Earth.

Our Sacred Journey Patreon Page also offers our subscribers an insight into our daily life: Challenges and opportunities in a soul relationship, wild food gathering and cooking, living, sharing and travelling together with our dog Cento Cavalli (found newly born at the foot of the oldest tree and on the most active volcano in Europe - "Monte Etna in Sicily).

"With this Patreon page we now offer a more comprehensive and deeper way of working with us, and sharing with you.

We invite you to join if you would like to follow our journey more closely and you are devoted to your own Sacred Journey of the heart and soul  -  and your personal work of healing, growing, being and sharing in harmony with others and Mother Earth."

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For USD 50 per month, you can receive all the normal benefits of the Patreon subscription (see below), plus a 30 minutes session with Jaymie or Juerg (60 minutes for USD 100 per month, 90 minutes for USD 150 per month).

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When you become a patreon member to our page, you will instantly receive our new updates sent to your email as soon as they’re posted. You also have the ability to private message us directly for any further questions you may have.

We much look forward to working with you as a member in our Inner Circle and much appreciate your participation and chosen level of contribution - for what we have shared in the past, and/or what we will share more deeply with our Patreon supporters.

Each month, your Patreon membership will give you exclusive access to videos, posts, photographs, live streaming etc, on subjects such as;
  • love, soul relationship, soul family - challenges and opportunities
  • healing, personal growth and transformation
  • creating a life in harmony with our heart and soul
  • listening to sacred messages of nature, our body, emotions, relationships, life challenges and opportunities
  • wild-food gathering and cooking
  • reconnecting and learning about living in harmony with the heart, spirit and Mother Earth.

You have a choice of how much you wish to contribute per month based on your personal circumstances - between 5 and 25 US dollars. Your subscription gives you access to:
  • Exclusive videos by Juerg and/or Jaymie not shared publicly via facebook or youtube
  • Uploaded spontaneous photos and sharings from our travels, otherwise not shared publicly via social media platforms
  • High resolution photos, which can be used as computer or phone screen savers
  • Juerg will share exclusively with Patreon members about his teachings and key parts of his book "Sacred Journey".
  • You can write to us to suggest a topic or question for a future video or Patreon post.

Thank you! We look forward to supporting you on your Sacred Journey of the heart and soul.

About Jaymie Elder and Juerg Dreamturtle

Jaymie and Juerg have been devoted to healing and growing in a conscious heart and soul relationship for the past 15 years. They have created, shared and traveled together in many parts of the world including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Indonesia, India/Nepal, Morocco, Europe and more.

Juerg is the author of "Sacred Journey - a simple book of soul wisdom, love and healing". A native of Bern in Switzerland and a New Zealander, Juerg shares through his book "Sacred Journey", videos, talks, writings, paintings, interviews, workshops and personal sessions. He is a strong advocate and speaker for the rights of indigenous and nomadic people. Juerg has been involved in healing and personal transformation for the past 40 years. He has travelled and lived on five continents and is fluent in English, Swiss German, German, French and also speaks some Italian. He has visited and shared amongst many indigenous cultures since 1979 and has been given the name of "Dreamturtle" (papeshpupe in Blackfoot) by the late, well-respected medicine man Buster Yellow Kidney (Lakota), near Browning, Montana (Blackfoot Reservation) in 1999. Since then, Juerg has worked with over one thousand people, offering support to their personal healing and growth in harmony with the heart and soul, including many other healers, medicine people and teachers, such as e.g. Dr. Pankaj Naram, renowned Arjuvedic Doctor from Mumbai, India, who has treated e.g. the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa.

Jaymie has been dedicated to her own healing and creative soul path since early 2001. She has a background in graphic art, counselling and combining work with children, nature and the arts. Apart from sharing her creative writing about healing and the journey of the soul, she offers personal sessions to support others to heal and grow towards their authentic self – and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. Jaymie has a deep heart and soul connection with Mother Earth. She loves to inspire and encourage people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through her paintings, inspiring and channeled writings and photographs.

Some of our sharings, writing, photographs, art and teachings can be found on:

Juerg and Jaymie are also available for personal sessions (via skype or messenger) to support and guide people to heal and grow towards love, soul wisdom and a life in harmony with the heart, soul and Mother Earth.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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