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is creating Sex-Positive Visual Art, Performance, Writing, Video

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Welcome my tricky little Fingers! 

Fingers will receive Patron-Only posts that have more sexually and/or emotionally explicit insight into my current projects and the process of making them.


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I like to suck toes. Luckily this is the internet so you are under no threat or obligation to get sucked.

But what you will get for supporting my work is more explicit Patron-Only posts  and a creative recommendation, of an artist, book, film, music, site, or any kind of tool or media that I would personally recommend to other world/sexuality/gender curious humans.


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Thank you budding tongues for the big tasty difference you make in my life! 

Tongues will be offered more intimate/explicit Patron-Only posts, a creative recommendation, and one (or more)  behind the scenes photos of work-sex-love-life in process. 





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About Sadie Lune

I am so damned grateful to be a working artist living in radical community in these challenging times. 

Thank you gorgeous creatures for visiting my Patreon page!

You can learn all about my work if you are not familiar via SadieLune.Com

My current goal is to self-publish a book I have written about my experience with radical queer co-parenting. My writing will be published in collaboration with photographer Jo Pollux who documented the performance art project WOMBmamapapadadaHOME (performance by myself and my co-parents Kay Garnellen, and Mad Kate).

You can pre-order a copy and support this goal by contributing $33.

Ongoing contributions would support both publishing the book as well as all of my other work, and the unpaid work that I do in my creative queer community in Berlin. Contributions of any amount or length are appreciated and rewarded with art.


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My first goal on Patreon is to get to my lucky number- 11- Patrons. When I get 11 patrons supporting me I will release a preview essay from the forthcoming book I am working on.
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