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Our enduring and everlasting thanks, read pages early, plus access to process videos only posted here! :D
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access to process vids, monthly wallpaper, and something new! Basically Aimo will produce doodles a few times a week - simple, b&w/grey tones, however they can be from *any* fandom, not just F&W.
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Access to process vids, monthly wallpaper, doodles, 1x a week color illustration and continued access to the raw sketches and inks for F&W. Plus, you will be able to make suggestions as to what characters you want to see for these doodles and color illustrations!




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About Sad Sausage Dogs

Hey there from Sad Sausage Dogs!

We're the creative team behind the Fox & Willow webcomic which can be found at Sad Sausage Dogs or over at Tapastic. Fox & Willow follows the adventures of a runaway princess and her cursed kitsune companion, with each volume exploring a different fairy tale.

We've been uploading 2 pages a week now for about 5 years - we've already generated over 500 pages of content! All for free and without ads!

However, with a few exceptions, each page is hand drawn with traditional medium - Copic markers, inks, nibs, etc - and that is starting to become more expensive than we'd like.  (Copics alone are running Aimo about $700 a year.)

In order to continue to bring our readers quality pages, we are asking you to help us out. Even a small amount will be very helpful in offsetting the costs, and since we receive no revenue from this particular creative endeavor, anything that grants us a little more freedom to make more pages would be fantastic.

Thank you for your support!


Aimo & Allison

Examples of wallpapers and sketches:

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