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Cool Beans

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Buy us a coffee.

  • Colored Discord Patreon Role while you're a Patron.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Discord Patron Role (Cool Beans)

Bowling Cousins

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"Hey man, it's me, your cousin. Let's go bowling." 🎳

  • Includes all previous tier benefits
  • Patron Shout-out: Your Discord name will be showcased on our #welcome Discord channel while you're a Bowling Cousin or higher.
  • Access to the #patron and #vips channel on our Discord server while you're a Bowling Cousin or higher, plus a dedicated Discord Role in its own category.
  • Access to exclusive polls, including Discord customization and contest submissions etc.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron Shout-out
  • Discord Patron Role (Bowling Cousins)
  • Discord Channel Access (#patrons)
  • Discord Patron Role (Cool Beans)


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Shiny bragging rights for you.

  • Includes all previous tier benefits.
  • You'll receive the exclusive gold-tinted "Mastermind" Discord role while you are a Mastermind; a role displayed above all the Bowling Cousins and partners.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Discord Channel Access (#patrons)
  • Patron Shout-out
  • Discord Patron Role (Bowling Cousins)
  • Discord Patron Role (Cool Beans)
  • Discord Patron Role (Mastermind)




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About SAFE Crew

Staying SAFE
Since 2016, we've provided friendly and safe sessions for our growing community. Formerly known as GTA Cartel, we started out with GTA Online and hope to expand into future games.

What is this Patreon page for?

All the funds we receive will first and foremost go towards covering the costs of servers, licenses, Discord bots and other various bits and bobs to keep everything running smoothly.

Whatever's left will 100% go back to you, the community, in the form of giveaways and events.

Our tiered benefits system:

  • All Patrons will receive a quarterly expenses report because we want full transparency for all our lovely supporters!
  • Discord roles will be given upon sign-up for the respective tiers.
    • Bowling Cousins and Mastermind members have access to the exclusive #patrons and #vips channels.
    • Make sure to link your Discord account with Patreon. NOTE: This must be done manually. Refer to this article for assistance.
  • All other benefits will be given after the first pledge payment at the beginning of each month.


A collection of frequently asked questions.

What are the differences between the Discord roles?

Different tiers have different Discord roles:
  • Cool Beans: A dark pink-tinted role.
  • Bowling Cousins: A pink-tinted role that is shown above all members on the Discord sidebar. This role also grants access to the exclusive #patrons and #vips channels.
  • Mastermind: A gold-tinted role that is also being shown above all Bowling Cousins on the Discord sidebar. This role also grants access to the exclusive #patrons and #vips channels.

How often do you do giveaways?

When we reach the respective goals, we will do giveaways on a non-regular basis. However, we do aim for about 2-3 giveaways per quarter, totalling between €20 and €60. Prizes for giveaways arealways gaming related.

What are the #patrons and #vips channels?

These channels are exclusive channels for our Bowling Cousins and Mastermind Patrons. You can hang out with other Patrons and get an exclusive peek at some behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as voting rights on exclusive polls in areas such as Discord customisation and contest submissions.


  • Your Patreon profile must be (manually) linked to your Discord account in order to receive the corresponding Discord roles (all tiers),and gain access to the channels #patrons and #vips (Bowling Cousins and Mastermind).
  • If you have won one giveaway in the #patronschannel, your name will be withdrawn for the next giveaway to ensure fairness. After the next giveaway, you will once again be eligible if you are still a Patron.
  • Tiers and benefits are subject to change at anytime. Changes will always be communicated.

$93.21 of $110 per month
When we reach this goal we will be able to cover all expenses for technical management. This includes monthly expenses for our official game sessions and infrastructure.

  • Three separate GTA Online SAFE Sessions, each on a dedicated host (3 x 30€/month)
  • Website, Discord bots, internal management infrastructure (about 15€/month)
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