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About Safety Concepts

Why Safety Concepts?

We take a different approach to your personal and family safety than most programs. Our scope is much larger than the act of self-defense. Physical training isn’t enough. Our goal with Safety Concepts is education and helping you navigate unpleasant situations. Through lecture, video, and interactive scenarios, we’ll share skills that will help you to recognize, de-escalate, and cope with stressful circumstances—including those that could turn violent.

This is applicable to more than crime and violence. We also address conflict and human behaviors that lead to conflict. Our unique recognition and mitigation approach increases both successful de-escalation and personal safety. Once you understand that conflict is a process, is predictable and a natural part of life, it’s a lot easier to face without your emotions getting in the way.

While de-escalation and conflict management are preferred, not all situations can be peacefully resolved. The good news is these tend to be easy to recognize if you know what to look for. This is where we really shine. Just as important as surviving the physical is knowing how to cope with the inevitable aftermath of violence.

Who are we?

A homeschool mom, self-defense author, certified firearms, and deadly force instructor, Jenna Meek brings an impressive resume of formal training with the who’s-who of the shooting world. She runs a publishing business and, with her husband Jeff, a defensive firearms training company. She has authored and published several titles.

Although he laughs, jokes and makes light of himself, Marc MacYoung comes from a violent background. Not just from growing up in the streets of Los Angeles, but working professions where a bad day at work means someone died (and it could have been him). One of the original pioneers in reality based self-defense, these days he’s a writer and court recognized expert witness regarding violence and self-defense.

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