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About Safe YouTube

Safe YouTube is a free technology tool for teachers which enable them to watch and share YouTube videos with students in the classroom in a safe and friendly way without any distractions or offensive comments that may scatter their attention, and in that case, Safe YouTube is for you. You may also be a parent worrying about your children when they watch YouTube videos as according to Kaspersky Lab: “Children can be as little as three-clicks away from adult content on YouTube”, so there is a need for a safe YouTube or a family friendly YouTube for your kids where you can let them watch videos without any other unrelated or offensive distractions, and in that case also, Safe YouTube will give you a much better experience than YouTube safety mode. Whoever you are and whatever your work or your interests may be, you will enjoy using our free service. Simply, put the URL of the YouTube video in the above text field, and enjoy watching and sharing a pure view of YouTube videos.

The service is widely used all over the world, and the traffic on the website is getting larger.
On May 2019 we have successfully converted  3,586,378 YouTube videos into safe views.
So many bloggers and YouTubers have written about  Safe YouTube and recommended it to others, ex;

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As a founder of I want to always keep the service free, more professional and keep adding new features, I am still funding over 90% of the costs from my own pocket, the costs are increasing by time as the traffic is getting higher day after day and this requires better server resources besides the costs of the ongoing development and management, I am looking for getting cooperation from your generous society in keeping this useful service alive !!!

Thanks in advance!