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You $1 donors - you're the firm foundation that this whole enterprise is built on. Resolute, kind, undemanding: if only we had a hundred like you. Or preferably a thousand.

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We wave whenever we see you and we look genuinely pleased that our paths have crossed even though they inevitably and frequently will.

You get access to the early episode drafts - from raw recordings to picked-over mp3s to almost finished files awaiting a pick-up. Our development process is stripped bare to you and you will get to hear us swear on bad takes.
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You can come into our room any time and borrow our hairbrush. Either we're not afraid of your ectoparasites or we will gladly risk infection to seem that way.

In addition to the early access to episode drafts you'll join in on live streams of table reads and recordings. We'll organise a regular Hangout you can be at so you can interrogate the cast and have them indulge you in a disassociative episode in which you talk directly to one of the characters they play. They're always game for that.




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About The Saga of the European King

The Saga of the European King is an ongoing comedy audio drama. It's a fiction show with a full cast of voice actors. There's a new episode out every month and released on iTunes, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

You've heard of the Crusades, the battle of Hastings and the Knights of the Round but the greatest story of Medieval times was when a wise, strong and excitable king embarked on a righteous quest to murder Winter itself with his friends and cronies. Along the way they fight horrific monsters such as birds, learn humility by gaining weight, muster and sacrifice a bunch of armies and put way too much energy into provoking the King's ex.

We've been making The Saga of the European King since 2012 and have laid down a unique story and style. We want to devote more time and energy into taking it further, which means paying the wages of the actors, musicians and producers who make it happen. We want our patrons to be part of the team, offering a delicious degree of access to our process and plot and the option to steer the story and root out hidden details the muggles may never learn.

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> Wow, maybe this thing could work?
This will get us a couple of pizzas for each recording session. Not the cheapo ones but not the fancy ones either. Patrons, we would never fritter your generosity away on the fancy pizzas.
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