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About Jared, Devin, and Whitt


Thanks for even checking this out. Just the fact that you're reading this is awesome and appreciated.

The pitch
We make Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts because we love doing it, and we want to make as much of it as we possibly can. Did I mention that we love doing it?  We all feel like this is the most creatively rewarding project that any of us have been involved in.

Ads and sponsorships DO NOT FIT into our completely DIY podcast.

Can you imagine the narrator pitching Blue Apron? Yeah, we can too (he'd do anything for a buck!). But the fact that he would do it is what makes it wrong. That's not something we'd want to listen to, so it's not something we're going to make.

You listening to and enjoying our weird podcast is more important to us than any financial support that you could give. If you tell a friend about AS&S, you're already helping us a ton, and that's awesome. NO PRESSURE, NO BULLSHIT.

We want to make content, and it's important to us to have NO PAYWALL AND OUR MAIN CONTENT TO BE AVAILABLE FOR FREE.

You're probably thinking, "So, does that mean that patrons don't get anything?" NO WAY, THEY TOTALLY DO!  

Patrons get
  • Outback Steakmouth - Your generous patronage is converted directly into Outback which gets converted directly into patron-only episodes of a podcast that is basically Table Talk with more eating, and as much patron input as we can cram in.
  • Behind the scenes content - Song demos, unheard content, and Devin's tired notes as he tries to publish the episodes on time are just some examples of the sorts of things that are cool but too embarrassing to make completely public.
  • More cool stuff like stickers and probably some other stuff!  Who knows!

What we want to make
More Advanced Sagebrush & Shootouts: More episodes. More Table Talk. More music. More art. More guests. We want to make more of everything. Two of us have flexible enough work schedules that your support would allow us to spend time working on the podcast instead of other projects.

Additional Podcasts: We have a bunch of cool ideas for other podcasts. Some would be a lot like AS&S (but a different show in a different setting, playing a different game) and some would be totally different (more like Table Talk, but in-character and maybe even about Young Sheldon)

Also, did we mention how attractive you look today?

Jared, Devin and Whitt
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This would make Outback Steakmouth episodes a regularly unhealthy thing.
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