is creating a living syllabus of Indian Indentured resources
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SAIL-OAR² (South Asian Indentured Laborer - Online Archive of Research & Resources)

SAIL-OAR² is a living syllabus of research, academic writing, and source documents that attest to the experiences of the global diaspora of South Asian people created by indentureship. This syllabus aims to serve as a first stop for descendants of South Asian indentureship to access their history, as well as for students and parties interested in learning about indentureship to grasp the breadth of our history.

The full SAIL-OAR² is available for view at completely for free for all parties.

Your donation will support the SAIL-OAR² project in the following ways:
  • monthly maintenance of the syllabus, including addition of new resources and updates to the organizational scheme
  • server space to host the documents (all in PDF format) on Dropbox
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