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Check out The Ultimate Sailor - DIY on Facebook.  We are building a community of people who DIY on their boat and would like to be connected with other Do it yourself like-minded people. Dont be shy and share your boat projects 

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Also! support us for a year and you will receive a free admission into one of my fire ceremonies!
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About Sailing Spyridon

Welcome aboard Sailing Spyridon! And The Ultimate Sailing Community!

We are so excited for you to be joining us!

Alright so here is the deal!
We are building a community that will build a learning experience for new salt and some extra hands for the more seasoned. 

let's go into detail on what that means. 

If you are new to the boating community and like all of us realized-- that the marine world is very expensive. Maybe you start pondering over the idea of learning new skill sets. Suddenly you are reading/ and watching youtube videos on DIY woodwork, fiberglassing, rigging, bottom jobs, and so on... would you rather be in a group of people who list their boat projects that need to be done, the locations, and offer a helping hand to learn the skill set?

What about those of us who have taken on a few big boat projects and are proud of their work but isn't too ecstatic over the idea of plumbing or upholstery. Maybe someone nearby offers those services and needs help with their motor issues?

Or maybe it's that time when the bottom of your ship needs a new paint job and upon pulling her out of the water you realize that one of the previous owners used a top paint for the bottom and put some sort of fairing epoxy instead of a two-part barrier coat which ultimately created 200+blisters that you could either drill out, rapid dry, fill in, then paint and before the winter approaches in a month, or winterize the boat and wait 6 months for everything to propery dry out before painting. -- true story-- Hypothetically speaking- if this happened to you would you be grateful to be connected with a giant group of DIY sailors who may offer a helping hand for the experience of learning the process of a bottom job first hand instead of through Youtube. 

This is only a small picture of the big ideas we have in store for a community like this. 
some more perks would like to build on is to build membership tiers that will allow people to also list their paid services, and become an insured member for people with specialties that could be offered to local boatyards or marinas in times of need. 

If you choose to support our Patreons, you will be supporting the growth of a social platform for the boating community. Covid has taken a toll on us all and we now need to rebuild what it feels like to be a part of a community.  Join our team and you wont regret it!

Another way you can show support is by purchasing merch from our Etsy Store!I Check it out here!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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