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About Sailing SV Sarean

AHOY and welcome to Sailing Sarean!

We are Darren & Meg, two cruising sailors who live on an ocean-going adventure platform - dedicated to helping you explore our beautiful world, by sail.

Incredible stories unfold when visiting far-flung and untouched regions of the world. Stories that inspire and bring day dreams to life.  We've made it our job to share these stories with you.  And for those seeking to sail the world themselves, we share our 30+ years of combined cruising life experience, to help you fulfill your dreams.

In 2018 Meg's cancer diagnosis nearly stopped us in our tracks, however in the spirit of living life to the fullest we took a leap of faith, jumping into this video-making venture full time - so that we could keep exploring and inspiring every one of you gorgeous fans who have connected with us since we started sharing our lives through video.

So why Patreon?

We love the idea of creating a closer knit community of like-minded people who like what we do, and who personally want to help us create better and more consistent content as we continue exploring this big beautiful planet. There are all kinds of expenses that go into pulling this production together - and your pledge on Patreon helps us make it all happen.

Thank you from the bottom of our salty hearts for helping us to continue to share our weekly adventures with you.


If you've just stumbled across us, hop on over to our website to learn more about us, the boat and our journey! ''

Your support means the world to us.  If the long-term commitment of Patreon doesn’t sound right for you, but you would still like to say thanks, you can make a contribution via PayPal
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We have never been more excited and want to be able to continue sharing the incredible places, experiences and stories that we are discovering - no matter where we are in the world.

If our leap of faith in this enterprise is going to pay off we need your support to ensure that we can stay out here, filming for longer - and creating more exciting content for you.

*** Swashbucklers (and above tiers) automatically jump in the draw to COME SAIL WITH US and EXPERIENCE THIS LIFE HANDS ON!
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