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Chances are you found your way here looking at cute puppy images or falling maddly in love with Ella.

We understand, she's a darn cute sailor dog.

Donate to Ella's Bone and Toys fund and keep her smile going!

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About Sailing The Dream

Who is The Dream Crew?

We're an Architect couple that met while working in the Casino and Resorts construction industry in China (Macau and Hong Kong), one day we bought a boat, quit our jobs and decided to go sailing the oceans with our Golden Retriever, Ella.

is Portuguese and moved to Macau in January 2010 for family reasons and ended up pursuing a career in Gaming Design.

John is Australian and moved to Macau for the second time in the summer of 2014 also to work in Gaming Design related projects.

Ella is a Golden Retriever born in Hong Kong, March 2015 and has joined our family shortly after in Macau.

In the city where East meets West, the girl from West met the boy from East and together with our puppy we became a family, now we are set to discover the rest of the world.

Why Patreon?

Sailing around the world and cutting chains with the daily obligations of an 8-6 job were some of our dreams and although not all dreams are just good ones, sharing with family, old friends and the new friends we make along the way is a big part of the joy of embarking on this new life challenge.

We hope to inspire others to make their dreams come true while sharing ours.

How does it work?

By becoming our Patron you're supporting the production of our Dreams (creations/videos) not our lifestyle choice. For that, we resort to our savings, investments, alternative sources of income and some good old fashion hard work.

Ok, Ella toys and bones may come also from your support, after all, she is a STAR!!

  • our pledges are per Dream (creation)
  • you can set your max monthly amount, after all, we all have budgets to live by
  • we will try to publish a Dream every week (subject to internet availability)
  • we will also publish other small videos, photos and artwork exclusively on Patreon that will not be charged - call it a freebie, call it caring, call it love...

Your support means the world to us!

You can also follow us on our  Youtube channel
, Facebook , Instagram and on our website/blog  Sailing The Dream
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While we set sail and start our journey making our Dreams come true, the backbone of the experience is to share our memories with you and challenge your own aspirations.
Internet connection is crucial and uploading can be a big headache. Our goal is to be able to make the process run smoothly, which means relying more on mobile and less on free low speed wi-fi.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts

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