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This tier gets you videos before anyone sees them, or completely exclusive videos!

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Each month you get behind the scenes pics shipped right to you!  

I'll complete the package with handwritten notes on the pictures so you know whats going on!

This tier also gets the signed post card and pick, and also includes the early bird videos!

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If you join the Jerri's Crew tier, we'll send you out your own VIP pass.  This gets you into any meet and greets at Jerri's shows. You'll get some back stage access when you come out to see us play live!

We'll take some pictures (and may a few shots)

Random monthly prizes will be sent out.  Sometimes a T-shirt,  bracelets, or other cool merchandise!

I'll complete the package with a handwritten thank you card, and this tier also gets the signed post card and pick. It also includes the early bird videos!



About Sailor Jerri Music

Hey there!  
Im Sailor Jerri, a United States Navy Veteran and also a Country Music Artist.   I am so glad that you found my Patreon and are interested in joining my crew of crazy music loving patriots!

I am honored to have the opportunity to travel the country singing for Veterans.  I get to meet and talk with Women who served in Vietnam, Men who fought in WWII, Korea AND Vietnam, and I get to share their stories with you through music.  I'm working on documenting not just the music, but the wild ride my life has become.  

It took me a long time to finally decide to start and run a Patreon.  Asking for help is something I've never been comfortable with.  However, I can't keep making and sharing the music I create without the support of the followers.  So I reached out to the fans, followers and Veterans... and they said DO IT!

I couldn't continue to do this amazing job and make music for all of you without your support! 
As a Patron, you'll get exclusive access to songs and videos, behind the scenes of our recording and production, and early bird access to special items and music.

I hope you enjoy the music, and I hope you love being a part of my community and crew!
60 of 500 patrons
I'll fly you out to see me!!

When I hit 500 patrons, I'll randomly choose one of the Patreon Crew and fly them (and a +1) out to see me at one of my shows!

You'll get to hang out with the band, and get in on the videos and behind the scenes!
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