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About Sailors for Sustainability

We are Ivar & Floris, two sailors who chronicle our sailing trip around the world in search of sustainable solutions for humanity and our planet.

The route takes us around the world to sustainable solutions that work in practice. The solutions address various environmental and social challenges the world faces today. By sharing the solutions, we hope to provide you with the necessary concepts and practical tools to make sustainable changes in your own lives and communities. Traveling on wind energy, we left Amsterdam in June 2016.

What we do
We visit, describe and share sustainable solutions through our videos and articles.

These "Sustainable Solutions" videos show a successful initiative, often explained by an inspiring person who created or applies the solution. One such video is about the remarkable renewable energy solution on the Spanish island of El Hierro:

We also create travel videos. These "Logbook" videos let you experience our sailing adventure by showing you stunning nature, introducing you to the people we encounter and giving you a preview of the sustainable solutions we researched in the area we covered. An example is the video about our Atlantic crossing from Mindelo in Cape Verde to Salvador de Bahia in Brazil:

Finally, we want to show you exciting elements of life onboard, or unforgettable experiences along our world trip. We do so in our "Impressions" videos. In the one below, we show you how we made baggywrinkles.

We keep the videos quite short (around 3 minutes), so they can be liked and shared easily on social media.

Keep us going
We both gave up our full-time jobs for this endeavour, which we expect to take around 5 years to complete. We try to live a conscious lifestyle and participate in the giving and sharing economy as much as possible. Still, sailing around the world is costly, even if it's done on a budget. Things break and need to be fixed or replaced, as every sailor has experienced. Insurance premiums, for the boat and us, need to be paid regularly. Add harbour fees, diesel (as little as possible) and food and you get an idea what we need just to get by from day to day. In addition, to visits sustainable solutions we often need to pay for transportation and lodging.

With your help as our patron, we can cover the necessary boat maintenance costs and travel expenses to complete our journey. With additional resources, we'll also be able to fully dedicate our time to finding sustainable solutions and creating inspiring videos, while we can also professionalise our research, videos and articles. 

Sail with us!
Our patrons join a community that transitions to a more sustainable way of living. As a token of gratitude towards our patrons, you'll be able to see our videos ahead of everyone else. Depending on your level, you may also get additional rewards. Note that we aim to provide all our content free of charge to everyone so we can inspire as many people as possible with the sustainable solutions we discover.

THANK YOU for joining us on our journey!
$104.02 of $1,000 per video
If we reach our goal, we will be able to visit more destinations and showcase more sustainable solutions that will help accelerate sustainable change everywhere.

We will also be able to improve our videos, articles and website. We may get professionals assisting us with shooting, editing, and designing.

Finally, sophisticated equipment, such as a drone, will help us shoot more spectacular footage. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 54 exclusive posts

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