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Hi there! I'm Yana! I write and I draw! ^^ I can go from extreme fluff to some serious depressing sh*t >.< my head works in mysterious ways lol don't ask me about it. It's like one minute I'm Yuri On Ice and the next I'm Killing Stalking. That's why I'm always writing two types of genre!

I'm the creator of Where's My BL Story and My Weird Roommate both of which you can read on Webtoon or WebComics.

For those who are interested in the physical copies of the books, you can buy them all here! We also have merch now! I'm filled with loved when I see these <3 Because I know that it's thank you you all support that I am able to come this far <3

If you enjoy my series, support me on Patreon! You can read my comics in advance and access to the uncensored nsfw and many many more bonus! I overdid my tiers and now I can't go back hahaha! FML but- as a patron, you get DOUBLE stuff from me! BL Story AND My Weird Roommate (MWR)! XD You won't be disappointed <3

DISCLAIMER: Once you pledge to a tier, the cost you've made is not refundable considering that you would already have access to the contents ^^ But if you do find the contents, unsatisfying, please feel free to unpledge so you wouldn't be charge for the next month! ^^

For easy navigation using Patreon, use these links below! We uses the tags system here ^^

Tier 1: Sketches [tags]
Tier 2: BL Story [PDFs] // MWR [PDFs]
Tier 3: Illustrations [High Res] / [tags]
Tier 4: BL Story Uncensored [PDFs]
Tier 5: Bonus Comics [PDFs] / [tags]
Tier 7: NSFW Illustrations [High Res] / [tags]
Tier 10: Smutty comics [PDFs] / [tags] These Scars We Hide [PDFs] / [tags]
Tier 15: Postcard [tags]
Tier 20: Stickers [tags]
Tier 30: Commission [FAQ] / [tags]

Discord // Books // T-shirts // Merch // Dropbox

Also, don't worry too much if you can't find the content cause at the end of the month, I will send you a message with the link to that month's rewards ^^ So don't worry! <3 But if you want to be up to date *wink wonk* and want to navigate Patreon, I hope this video can help you! <3

Thank you so much for supporting me here on Patreon!

It doesn't matter which tiers you are! A dollar might seem insignificant but many dollar combines and you're part of the many who are helping me make this comic come to live! <3

If you can't commit to a monthly payment, it's also completely fine! You can always leave me sweet comments on Webtoon, or any of my social media <3 You never know it but your comments sometimes help me get through a tough day <3
Thank you for joining me on this fluffy yet awkward journey! 

$10,000 - reached! per month
If I reach this goal, I'm going to do a MWR Zine: Slice of Life <3 A total of 48 pages, filed with published and unpublished arts! All illustrations will be in the lineless artstyle!
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