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About Sakuras Galleria!

Hello there and thank you for taking your time to visit our Patreon page! I'll be your host eumii, the creator, lead editor and one of the authors of Sakura's Galleria. In this page you can help support us authors in building and improving our website. 

Now what is Sakura's Galleria?

Sakura's Galleria was founded on June 2018 but first posted on August 2018. It was founded by a group of close friends with their passion to write and talk about anime. It was first an idea that came into reality, in August 2018 they launched the website Sakura's Galleria and had their first welcoming post in introducing the blog and it's potential.

It is a blog where we talking about one of our passions which is anime! We blog about currently aired anime, upcoming airing anime, written reviews of completed anime, lists about anime, and many more. It doesn't top there, we also talk about manga and webtoons, and of course lifestyle blogs from the author itself. We'd occasionally write reviews about games, most especially visual novels or indie rpg games. We are more focused however when it comes to topics about anime and how it will be developed in the next few years.

What is this for?

It's a Patreon page for our blog Sakura's Galleria - An Anime Blog!

Why create a Patreon?

We are a group of college kids currently and would love to improve their skills in writing thus we created this blog. We hope to make blogging our future career and a source of income as we get older. We love writing and being able to write about what we love doing, which is watching and giving our reviews, would be something nice to do This will help improve our set up, and as well as being able to purchase visual novel games as well as support anime's we are planning on watching, most of the funds will be placed on the blogging aspect and some with our living expenses.

What's in it for us supporters?

Well of course we can't just let you give away money and get nothing in return! We'll make sure you will have rights to what anime's or manga's we should re reviewing next, polls and such. Each tier will be receiving different rewards so make sure to check it out if your interested! This includes as well as seeing these college kids happy being able to earn income for the first time.

What are your goals in Patreon for your blog?

  • To have a custom website domain and remove all the's advertisement.
  • To increase the storage spaces for images, videos, and audios to be placed on future blog posts.
  • To have Crunchyroll premium in one account for the authors to watch anime freely with no advertisements and what-so-ever.
  • To be able to work full time in writing blogs and increasing the quality and quantity content.

Here are more additional information about our blog.
  • Here is our blog website.
  • We are currently consisting of two members in the site.
  • We express our unconditional gratitude to those that will be donating, they will receive all of our love and affection from the bottom of our hearts.
  • We aim to be able to have our own domain and upgrade its hosting plan.
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