Sakura Stars is creating Glitter Photo Fun!

Thanks Lovelies!

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for your support. You get that fuzzy feeling for helping support my creativity

Selfie Feed

$5 /mo
  • You get access to my random silliness as I have the time and feel like posting it! 
  • Some might even be NSFW :3

Vanishing Sequins

$7 /mo
I will follow you back on Instagram and give you access to my story

Surprise Party

$10 /mo
  • 8-10 random images they may be selfies or professional photos from my sets
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Pokeball-full photosets

$20 /mo
  • You get at least one NSFW set every month, some new some archived
  • Plus all previous rewards


$30 /mo
  • Want to see full sets of me with other models? this tier is for full duo and trio sets!
  • and/or hi-res wallpapers for your computer and/or cellphone. 
  • Plus all previous rewards

Special Delivery

$35 /mo
Special deliveries of polaroid images, stickers, 8x10s or small shoot props (like pokemon cards) monthly!

(Plus all previous Tiers)

Panty Lover

$40 /mo

You will be getting a package monthly anyway, so how about a pair of panties or stockings with them? the item can be random or I will pick out of 3 options you give me. 

Plus all prior ...