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Saladict is a professional inline translator Chrome / Firefox extension, built for comparative reading, with comprehensive dictionaries covering all major languages.

Saladict 沙拉查词 是一款功能丰富、极具实用性的 Chrome / Firefox 划词扩展,帮助了大量用户解决查词不便,对比释义繁琐,生词及上下文沉淀,复读跟读等等的难题。

Designing and developing this extension are mostly done by the author alone which costed great amount of time and energy. To keep it open-sourced, free of charge and ad-free, consider gifting the author a cup of coffee now and then to keep him energetic.

Disclaimer: Saladict is a free and open-sourced project for study purpose only. Anyone can obtain a copy of Saladict free of charge. Before becoming a patron please confirm that this is not an act of purchasing but a voluntary gift support for the author, who do not offer any corresponding service in return. Thank you for your understanding🙏.


如果你希望支持这个项目长久持续开发下去并保持维护以及更新各个词典和功能,可以选择定期赠与我一小杯咖啡补充元气。通过 patreon 联系的用户我也会优先处理大家的问题。


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