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In addition to the general poll on Eka's, we'll be occasionally posting more specific polls for Nekos and higher. If you want to directly influence the game you enjoy with more direct votes, this is the tier for you. 

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About Salamoun

I'm Salamoun, developer of God Complex, the largest vore themed RPG game. Join me on my quest to bring thousands of diverse vore scenes for both predators and prey, all to the tune of an intricate adventure story and balanced gameplay. 
Link to Eka topic:

Contains: soft vore, same size, oral vore, anal vore, unbirth, nipple/cleavage vore, naval vore, macro/micro, anthro, f/f, f/m

God Complex (v0.6.4.4):!kLQj0Yyb!y8IWgf47r84ncDfoPKggkQ

You'll also need RPG maker VX Ace:

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$1,021.79 of $1,500 per month
Able to move out and live on my own, meaning no more distraction or hiding my work from my family.
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