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About Salish Magazine

Salish Magazine is a quarterly, online magazine that delivers in-depth nature stories about things people can see when they explore outdoors in our Salish Sea region.

You can find the magazine at:

From up-close views of pollination to the mysterious lives of sea anemones and beavers, we bring you stories that are rich in visual imagery, scientifically correct, yet fun to read. In these stories, you can also see interconnections between the various elements of the ecosystem, both biological and cultural. Speaking of cultural, don't be surprised to see the occasional poem and artwork scattered among the articles.

The current issue of Salish Magazine is available for FREE online, and a monthly donation subscription via Patreon will allow you to access the archives of back issues.* Donations will also help make Salish Magazine a sustainable project by covering the costs of the online infrastructure and compensating content creators and those who convert the content to the magazine web page format.

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a donation-based crowdfunding service that allows patrons like you to support projects that you like. In the case of Salish Magazine, you can choose an amount that you would like to donate monthly. Different donation levels (tiers) offer different benefits to the donors, such as sneak peeks into upcoming content or views behind the scenes. See the sidebar to the right for details. All donors will have the option of being acknowledged in Salish Magazine.

Patreon will automatically charge your credit card every month at the pledge level you requested and handle the administrative tasks of allowing you access to the features associated with your donation tier.

So click the “Become a Patron“ button, pick a pledge amount, and let’s help more people learn the stories behind the things we see in our beautiful Salish Sea region.

Salish Magazine is a project of SEA-Media (, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations (subscriptions) are tax-deductible.

*At the moment, all back-issues are available to everyone. Because allowing only Patrons to access the back-issues will be a new policy, we will phase it in over the next few months with lots of notice to readers to minimize surprises.
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The current issue of Salish Magazine is available online for free. But if you subscribe to this tier you will have access to the online archive  of back issues. This is important because Salish Magazine's ecosystem perspective points out connections between articles, and between issues. 

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Receive teaser videos and photos from the upcoming issue of Salish Magazine — that is, of course, in addition to the magazine archive mentioned above.

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Each month you will receive some photos and/or video of our explorations of the outdoors — look over our shoulders as we gather content for future issues. You will also have all of the other benefits listed above.

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In addition to being listed in Salish Magazine as a sustaining donor, we will give you a chance to vote and comment on topics for our future issues. This is a key role, because we are walking a fine line between delivering solid information and engaging our audience. Knowing how a thoughtful and committed segment of our audience feels about our content will help guide us along that fine line. That is, of course, in addition to all of the other benefits listed above. 

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While Salish Magazine is an online publication, each year we will experiment with some physical forms of presentation, from large photos to coffee table books. As a Super Patron, you will be invited to be a part of this experimentation process. You will be welcome to provide ideas or feedback, and we will offer you some of the physical fruits of our experiments, i.e. proof copies of what we are trying out. And of course, you will get all of the other benefits listed above.

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When we reach $100/month, we'll be able to cover the costs of the online storage and distribution of the magazine. This is essential because of the specialized server necessary to deliver so much content quickly.
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